“Findy Global Reaches 20,000 Engineer Users in Just One Year since service release”

Findy Global, a global engineer recruitment platform operated by Findy Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yuichiro Yamada), has announced that its registered user has surpassed 20,000 in just one year since its service release.

■ Findy Global’s Engineer User Surpasses 20,000 in Total
Findy Global, which supports the recruitment of global engineers and productivity improvement of engineering organizations, has a core technology that visualizes engineer skills using GitHub analysis. The platform has gained popularity among global engineers due to its function to predict annual income when working in Japan based on unique skill deviation values, and the demand to work in Japanese companies is still high.

Findy aims to “Create a platform that unlocks  software engineer’s highest potential” and breaks down barriers between engineers and organizations to achieve optimal matching through the visualization of engineer skills using proprietary algorithms, hands-on support to improve job postings and selection processes for clients.

■ Characteristics of registered users
Registration from India and Bangladesh accounts for approximately 65% of the total.

In addition, when the distribution of “Skill Score (*1),” which is a mechanism for quantitatively analyzing the skills of engineers that the company has independently developed, was confirmed by country, the percentage of users with a Skill Score of 50 or higher was about 25% overall, which is significantly higher than Japan’s 10% or so. Especially in India and Indonesia, it tends to be particularly high, with over 30%.

Based on the above results, it is believed that the service can be useful in forming effective interviews with highly skilled engineer candidates whose recruitment hurdles are increasing year by year in Japan.

(*1) Skill Score: A mechanism for quantitatively analyzing the skills of engineers using open data from GitHub accounts. It is provided as “skill deviation value” for existing services in Japan. The main evaluation indicators are contributions to other projects, support for code from others, and other activities related to OSS.

■ Contact us
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■ About Findy
Company Name: Findy Inc.
Founder CEO: Yuichiro Yamada
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