Introducing “Findy Global”, a recruitment platform for highly skilled software engineers powered by a unique skill assessment algorithm.

TOKYO, JAPAN, April 19, 2022


Findy, the Japanese startup which pioneered a new method of human resource matching for engineers based on AI, has launched “Findy Global”. “Findy Global” is a job matching platform for software engineers outside of Japan which is powered by a unique skill assessment algorithm named “Skill Score” (*1)


In recent years, Japan has seen a shortage of engineers. Hiring domestic engineers is becoming harder and harder. Attracting talented engineers from outside of Japan is becoming crucial for many organizations.


In response to this, Findy developed a new job matching platform for highly skilled software engineers and started test marketing in January 2022 targeting users in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other Southeast Asian countries. In just three months, 6,000 engineers from overseas registered for our service. Given the clear global market potential, Findy officially started providing the service in April 2022.


*1 Skill Score: Findy’s unique technology for quantifying engineers’ skills based on GitHub activities. The main evaluation indicators are OSS-related activities such as contributions to other projects and code endorsements from others.


The distribution of Findy Global users

65% of all registrations are from India and Bangladesh

The analysis of the “Skill Score” per country showed that the percentage of users with a Skill Score over 50 was approximately 25% for all overseas countries, significantly higher than 10% in Japan.

Additionally, the percentage was particularly high in India and Indonesia, at more than 30%.


“Based on the above results, we believe that we can help companies efficiently find highly skilled engineers from overseas through our assessment technology.” said Yuichiro Yamada, Findy CEO.


Future Outlook

Through this service, Findy promotes the employment of foreign engineers by Japanese companies and solves the social problem of IT human resource shortage in Japan.


Findy is currently focusing on matching Japanese companies with engineers outside of Japan, and soon wants to match companies and engineers globally and help software engineers unlock their highest potential.


About Findy

Findy helps engineering organizations and individuals improve their development experiences. Founded in 2016 and based in Tokyo, the Engineering Intelligence products, Findy, Findy Freelance, and Findy Teams, are trusted by over 80,000 software engineers users and over 750 companies from start-ups to enterprises


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